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At SKITS you can of course also participate in competition skating! There are many different possibilities to participate in competitions on the Jaap Eden Rink, but also elsewhere in the country. For example, competitions are organized every year by the various student skating associations (the IUTs and NSKs), the competition calendar can be found here. There are opportunities to compete at all levels, so try it out! Read this document if you want to know what steps you need to take before you can start.


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Option 1. Day license: with a day license you can participate once in a select number of competitions. These are the IUTs (Inter University Tournaments) and NSKs (Dutch Student Championships) and with our own club championship (CK) and club night. You can apply for a day license up to three times a year. You must apply for a day license yourself at the KNSB.


Option 2. Competition license: with only a competition license you can participate in the same competitions as with the day license (IUTs, NSKs, the CK and the club night). The difference is that with the competition license you can participate unlimited in these competitions for a year. You must apply for a competition license yourself at the KNSB.


Option 3. Competition ticket + competition licence: if you purchase a competition ticket in addition to a competition licence, you can also participate in the long track and marathon competitions on the Jaap Eden rink in addition to the competitions mentioned (IUTs, NSKs, CK). You must always combine a competition ticket with a competition licence. The match ticket does not include a training hour, so these (possible) access costs for training are not included in the price. You can order the match ticket here via SKITS by selecting 'Competition ticket' under 'Type of Subscription'.

Option 4. Competition subscription + competition license: with this combination you get access to a selected KNSB training hour for a year, plus the possibility to participate in all competitions: marathon, long track and others (IUTs, NSKs, CK). You can order the competition subscription here via SKITS by selecting 'Competition subscription' under 'Type of Subscription'.


Financially it is more attractive to choose Option 3 and to train on the other training hours than to choose Option 4. We have calculated that you can train 37 times during those hours per season for the same cost as a competition subscription (Option 4: 21 times, assuming you go every Wednesday evening...).


Marathon races

If "option 3" or "option 4" applies to you, you can participate in marathon competitions. Marathon races are held every Wednesday evening between 21:00 and 23:00 during the skating season. Three or four categories run each week; so you can participate in a marathon race every two weeks. Marathon skating is great fun! Skating in a platoon makes you skillful. In addition, it is also good for the endurance condition and it also goes very fast through the inside bend. The weather must be really bad for there to be no SKITSers to cheer you on. For the marathon races on the Jaap Eden there is an opportunity to register prior to the first race.

If you already have a lot of experience skating marathon competitions, it is also possible to participate in the regional six-lane tournament in addition to these Amsterdam track marathons. You can only participate in this if you have a sufficient level, so if you have passed the limit of 2.20 on the 1500 meters. You can register for the six-lane tournament prior to the first marathon race on the Jaap Eden track.


NB! It is mandatory to wear a transponder and an approved helmet during the marathon races. Transponder can be ordered here. Further regulations can be found here.


Long track races

With "option 3" and "option 4" you can participate in KNSB long track competitions. There are mainly 'open registrations', which offers the opportunity to let the enthusiastic skater ride many competitions. It really means that you have the opportunity to ride a long track competition almost every week! At these races you can see how your fitness and technique are doing and improve your season times and PRs.


For questions, mail to schaatsen@SKITS.nl