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Skating training season '22-'23


Skating training season '23-'24

First training: Monday October 23

SKITS has a wide range of training hours and everyone of every level is welcome at all those hours. The instruction/training approach is level-specific for a number of hours. If you have a different level, you skate 'for yourself' at such an hour (whether or not with a training buddy, whether or not with a training schedule).

At all training hours you can use our loan skates and you can participate in the warming up with which each training starts. The warm up is skate specific. You will learn a lot about the skating movement. So participate! But... if you are delayed, come anyway!! Better late than not skating.

The training sessions are open to members, but also to non-members who do a skating course at SKITS, see the heading rates. Even after graduating, you can still skate with us. Deadline for this season: September 30, 2022.

The skating training sessions are pleasantly priced for members. SKITS contributes significantly to the entrance costs for the ice rink. See the heading rates and SKITS training card. If you do not buy a SKITS training card but a regular 10-ride card, you still have to make a reservation via the Jaap Eden site.

You can come to a training every day (except Sunday) (whether level-specific or not). That is of course wonderful, but it can also turn out wrong. If it doesn't happen today, it will tomorrow and before you know it a whole week has passed... That's why: choose YOUR training day for yourself and put it in your agenda with bold letters. What also helps: make fixed agreements with your training buddy(s) and drag each other to the training!!


Training schedule as of 23-10-22

Monday 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Social SKATE (SKITS only!) All levels Café JAAP & Jaap Eden Ice rink
Tuesday 4:40 pm - 6:00 pm KNSB hour. Training on special hour for Fast skaters
Tuesday 9:40 pm - 11:10 pm Ice skating training Beginners and intermediate level low Jaap Eden Ice rink
Wednesday 7:00 am - 8:45 am Skatingtraining Mid level high and fastJaap Eden Skating rink.
Thursday 4.30pm - 6.00pm Skating training Mid level and fast Jaap Eden Skating rink Friday 8.40pm - 10.10pm Skating training Beginners and Mid level low Jaap Eden Skating rink
Saturday 1.50pm - 3.20pm Skating training All levels Jaap Eden Skating rink
Beginner: has little to no skating experience.
Intermediate level low: leg over occasionally succeeds, can skate several laps in a row. Intermediate level high: has mastered the movement, can skate several laps in a row, also in trains.
Fast: can drive multiple laps in trains at speed.


Other information
Registration and reservation Registration

for the training sessions is as follows:

Check the SKITS training schedule and determine at what time you want to go skating.

(If you have a SKITS training card you can skip this step).

If you have a ride card via the Jaap Eden track, you must make a reservation. You can do this at: aapeden.nl/bezoek. Buy an E-ticket for the correct skating hour via the Jaap Eden site, or load a 10 or 25-ride ticket onto your pass. Student card and more info here.

For Kees it is very nice to know who is coming, send an email to kees@skits.nl

Pack your bag (don't forget gloves!) and make sure you are at the Jaap Edenbaan at the right time.

When you enter the track, the warm-up will start half an hour before you go on the ice (be on time!).

Put on skates after the warm-up and hit the ice!

For more information about the course training: mail or call trainer Kees de Vrij: Kees@SKITS.nl ; 06-21275720

For other questions, email the Commissioner of Skating and Inline Skating Hille Steenhuis via schaatsen@SKITS.nl.