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SKITS Training Card (only for SKITS members)

SKITS Training Card (only for SKITS members)
The information below is for members of SKITS only).


With your SKITS membership you have already invested heavily in your ice rink visit.


At the expense of SKITS you can skate "free" on Monday evening during the 'Social'. The Social is fun skating but also a special kind of training. Trainer Kees is present for all possible tips and that also applies to the more experienced skaters, who will probably also want to take you on a SKITS train.


For the other 5 weekly training hours you can use your SKITS training card. This card is approximately half the price of student ride cards (the rest is added to SKITS). There are 3 variants: 10, 20 and 30 ride tickets (22, 42.50 and 63 euros respectively).


Consider carefully which variant you take because such a card can only be purchased once per season and it can only be used for one season. Needless to say: you do NOT use this training card for the social. You must apply for your social pass for this.


You do not need to make a reservation for the SKITS training card on the Jaap Eden site. You cannot use the training card on non-training hours. If you still want to skate at other hours, you must purchase a regular student ticket or ride ticket.


If you have skated your SKITS training card empty, you can still participate in training sessions, with your regular student ride card, which is twice as expensive. So if you plan on skating a lot...

The ride tickets are passed on to the ice rink every Monday, after which it will be on your pass after 5 working days. (Note: only to be used when this has actually been credited, you cannot use your social rides in the meantime.)


Restitution is only possible in case of demonstrable injury by means of a doctor's statement. Refunds are made via SKITS, not directly to the subscription holder. Requesting a refund is only possible within the validity of the subscription after the end of the season.


Request a SKITS training card


Apply: click here to request a 10-ride card, here to request a 20-ride card or here to request a 30-ride card. Please note, only one application per person per season will be processed by the rink.